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We take such great care of our hair from the shaft to the follicle, but why is this not giving us the results we desire?  It’s important for us, as women, to be in tune with our bodies.  Being able to connect the dots between our symptoms, biochemistry, and nutrition and creating our own personal care routine is an undervalued art in today's high speed, toxin infused world.

Hair By Bank’s has partnered up with a holistic wellness expert to dive deeper into the topic of hair loss.  We are firm believers that hair is a great reflection of overall health. If our hair is thinning, it could be a clear indication of an underlying health issue or it could mean that a lifestyle change is needed.  It was such a powerful, juicy discussion, but here are the main takeaways:

  • Reduce stress levels: high cortisol levels get in the way of the cellular communication that helps your hair grow!
  • Reduce toxin exposure & get a good antioxidant supplement.  This will help your body detox so it can focus on more important things - like growing your hair!
  • Reduce inflammation of the hair follicle with a good high quality omega 3 supplement.  We love USANA® BiOmega™ Omega-3 supplement
  • Stimulate growth at the follicle by nourishing your body with vitamin D.

HBB Holistic Secret #1:  Chill out - If you find yourself dealing with constant anxiety, or under a lot of stress, a lifestyle change might be in order.  Stress hormones are a real thing and they can cause a build up of oxidative stress in the body.  Increased cortisol levels have a huge negative impact on your adrenal system, which ends up in a lack of hair follicle stimulation & inflammation.  This often results in the thinning/loss of hair. 


HBB Holistic Secret #2:  Reduce your exposure to toxins - This probably sounds like a no-brainer, but it is way easier said than done.  We couldn’t believe the amount of toxins present in our lives on a day to day basis! From the food we put into our bodies, to the cosmetics we wear on our faces.  Toxins compromise liver productivity.  Your liver is not only responsible for detox, it also plays a major roll in energy generating.  So if your liver is constantly under stress, it does not prioritize creating energy for your body to use.  If your liver is not providing adequate amounts of energy, it is not helping your body thrive at it’s optimal levels, let alone providing the amount of energy required for growing your hair.  That is the absolute last thing on your liver’s mind in today’s toxin laden world. We love  USANA Proflavanol C .   A unique supplement made with USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology, Proflavanol C100 combines the highest quality grape seed extract with the free-radical quenching power of vitamin C, which effectively raises levels of vitamin C in the body for a longer period of time than equal amounts of ascorbic acid only (ascorbic acid is the most common form of vitamin C used in other supplements). Combining the two nutrients into one supplement provides your body with powerful nutrients that can help you maintain good health.


HBB Holistic Secret #3:  Nourish your hair with fat - Now that you are stress free, and doing what you can to limit your exposure to toxins, it is time to nourish from within!  High fat diets are trending right now, and for good reason.  Usually trends come and go, but this one has bulletproof science behind it.  Not only will a high fat diet help you lose fat (if you ditch the carbs and sugar), it will also nourish your cells.  Think about it.  There is no part of your cells that are made up of carbohydrates.  But there are whole components that are comprised of fat, so it only makes sense that having a diet high in healthy fat will reflect in the vibrancy of your hair!  One of the best types of fat for hair growth is omega-3.  This is an essential fatty acid, and our bodies rely on our nutrition to get this amazing anti-inflammatory fatty acid.  Unfortunately with a diet high in omega-6, our bodies, more specifically, our hair follicles, become inflamed.  This is why we supplement our holistic hair care regime with USANA® BiOmega™.  It is hard to find a good, high quality source of fish oil that doesn't contain oxidized fats.  We trust BiOmega to provide us with pure, potent and non-oxidized omega-3, EPA and DHA fatty acids.


BONUS SECRET:  HBB Holistic Secret #4:  Optimize your cells with Vitamin D - many cells in the body have vitamin D receptors, and are therefore regulated by vitamin D.  Vitamin D helps maintain the hair-growth cycle, from the growth phase to the regressing phase to the resting phase.  When a deficiency of vitamin D occurs, hair may appear damaged or may fail to grow.  Vitamin D impacts hair follicles through the stimulation of hair growth. Without enough vitamin D in the hair follicles, hair growth may slow or hair may stop growing altogether.  If you find yourself struggling to get the right amount of sunshine, and you are noticing a significant amount of hair loss, it might be worth it to test your vitamin D levels out and incorporate a high quality vitamin D supplement.  We love this one.  USANA’s Vitamin D supplement is made with cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), which research suggests is better than competing forms at raising levels of vitamin D in the blood. A clinical study conducted by USANA scientists showed individuals taking USANA products are six times more likely to have vitamin D levels in the optimal range.  Click here to shop and learn more.



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