The Real Reason Why Your Hair Isn't Growing

Did you know that if your body doesn’t have the right amount of nutrients or antioxidants, it steals them from your hair & nails?!

If your hair is thinning and your nails are cracking, you could be lacking some serious amounts of nutrients to feed your cells.

In case you don’t get it yet, picture this:  it’s sort of like going to Sephora and buying the top of the line Giorgio Armani foundation that makes your skin looks flawless.  But coming home every night, wiping it off, only to reveal the same 3 pimples that were there before you put it on, and not thoroughly washing your face because are going to re-apply the same heavy foundation again in the morning.  It doesn't make sense, right?!  

So ask yourself whats more important:  getting to the bottom of your acne and treating it from the root cause, or spending loads of money on luxurious products that mask the problem but don’t fix it.  This is exactly the same thing as people turning to extensions because their hair "wont" grow.   Of course we love extensions, but we also value our health & it could be worth looking into why our hair is on a growth strike rather than opting for that expensive quick fix.

Ok, so how are we able to deal with this from within? 

Your bodies are veryyyyy resourceful & amazing at prioritizing.  If you only have basic or low levels of essential micronutrients, guess what your body will use these for?  Essential biological function!  And we definitely don't live in a world where we absolutely need our hair looking shiny and sleek to survive.

Of course diet & nutrition are important factors in the maintenance of good health, but, as healthy dietary choices decline, so do our bodies' natural abilities to perform at their optimal levels.  

Supplementing a healthy diet with quality vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids is the easiest way to support your health.  This support is crucial for protecting and repairing your cells so they can focus on more important things - like providing your hair & nails with optimal amounts of nutrition so they can look & feel their best!

Look for these essential nutrients when putting together a hair growth supplement regimen:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B (biotin & niacin)
  • Vitamin C
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Iodine
  • Folate

These should all be present in your multi vitamin.  The USANA prenatal Cellsentials has all of these beautiful nutrients!

If you want to up your hair growth game consider adding a high quality source of omega 3 as well as vitamin D, especially during the cold months.

Not only will taking your cellular nutrition seriously yield you healthier hair, vibrant skin & beautiful nails - it will also show up in your energy levels & over all health.

This is why we chose to partner with USANA Health Sciences over all of the competing brands.  They look at the body as a whole and not just a bunch of parts.  USANA Health Sciences is the worlds highest rated supplement company.  What is ON the label is IN the bottle.  This is not true for all supplements.  This means NO fillers, NO variance and NO contaminants.  This means the highest quality nutrients and optimal quantity in every pill, powder and bottle.

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Hair By Banks Collaboration with USANA Health Sciences:  The Real Reason Your Hair Isn't Growing

Hair By Banks Collaboration with USANA Health Sciences:  The Real Reason Your Hair Isn't Growing

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