Which supplements are right for your hair care regimen?

At Hair By Banks, we understand that beautiful hair starts from within.

Optimal health lays the foundation for vitality in our hair nails and skin. However, optimal health is not very common anymore. In todays modern and toxic world, supplementation is required for us to be in optimal health and alignment.

Even though we’ve made many advancements in the world, we are also the most removed from our natural environment.  We consume synthetic, refined foods, carry horrific loads of stress, and environmental toxins, and our cells are not getting the nutritional requirement our bodies can even recognize. 

Our bodies are continually rebuilding, renewing, and regenerating.

They need vitamins and minerals for many important reasons:

  1. Our entire blood supply is renewed every three to four months

  2. Every six months, the majority of the proteins in our body are replaced

  3. Almost our entire skeleton - which we usually think of as permanent - is renewed/remodelled about every 10 years.

Most people today are extremely overworked and under nourished.  We are laden with degenerative disease because our bodies haven't caught up to our lifestyle.

This assessment is not just for beautiful hair, but also to enhance your own state of life force energy flow as well as provide guidance for cellular nutrition, food and healing.

That is why we partnered with a world class cellular nutrition company to provide you with the information and tools you need to promote your most optimal self.

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