Get Multiple Uses Out Of Your Hot Fusions

Hot fusions can be a little bit pricey, and for good reason!  They are the highest quality extension on the market, and with proper care, the hair can be re-used.  Keep reading to find out our proven system to maintaining the vitality of your new locks so you can use them multiple times.

It is is no secret that getting hot fusions is the best investment in the hair extension game.  In order to get the most out of your new locks, HBB has developed an easy to follow proven system. 

If you are a new client or plan on changing your hair colour, we want to see you for a consult before you take the leap!  This is an important part of our process in producing the best results for your hair type.

Plan it out!  As much as we love being spontaneous, some things in life yield better results when planned.  It is important to note that hair takes 1-2 business days to arrive when ordered before 5pm.  

Post Hot Fusion Hair Care

Yay!  You have your new extensions and have been hair flipping your way home.  You are now sitting down at your computer ready to learn some hot tips about how to keep your new locks vital and fresh for their whole life. 

Over the years, HBB has dealt with a lot of hot fusion clients, from this experience we were able to develop a system in order for the quality and integrity of your new extensions to be maintained.  Not only does this system help you maintain your new beautiful locks, it also allows us to provide you with a quality guarantee in vitality and longevity of their 3-4 month life span.

Extension hair can be re used up to two times. Clients who do not follow our proven system will have to replace bonds as natural wear and tear takes place. Slippage is also more likely to occur with re-bonded pieces. 

  1. Tangle Teezer or boar bristle brush
  2. Color proof shampoo and conditioner (oil, salt, paraban, sulphate free) 
  3. Extra heat protectant (we suggest color proof Baobab leave in treatment or plush locks,or Goldwell Serum spray for condition and heat protectant all in one) 
  4. Conditioning Mask (Color proof "Deep Quench" or Goldwell 60 sec treatment) 1 -2 times a week - or you are welcome to come in for a blow out and treatment - this is a great opportunity for us to check over your bonds.
  5. Brush, brush, brush!  You are to brush ALWAYS over the bond root to ends to ensure tangling does not happen in between the bonds and cause matting. So long as you're gentle we promise this will not loosen or compromise the bonds.
  6. Refrain from using oil based products

All of this being said, It is normal for 1-10 strands to fall out, but rarely happens if using suggested products.  

This system it has demonstrated itself to be a winning combo for many of our clients.  We sell all of these products in store, so don't forget to pick them up on your next visit!