Follicle health for hair loss prevention

The month of August marks National Hair Loss Awareness month. As women, this is a subject we tend to shy away from discussing.  Our hair is a symbol of our femininity, it’s a part of our identity and style, and let’s face it, the thought of losing it is terrifying.

Whether it be from stress, postpartum, diet or health this IS a problem that 40% of women encounter before the age of 40.


Let’s talk about the science for a second. Most women experiencing hair loss have clogged follicles, meaning there’s a buildup of oil and debris not allowing your scalp to properly breathe or the natural cycle of hair growth to occur. When your hair sheds naturally and new growth is ready to come through you’re faced with that build up within the follicle blocking new hair from growing. When this happens your hair grows thinner and weaker and thus begins the cycle of loss.


There are so many different hair loss remedies and regimes out there today that it’s overwhelming deciding which one is for you especially with so many of them catering towards men. In comes Colorproof’s BioRepair-8. For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to be familiar with the Colorproof brand yet let me give you a brief intro on their mantra. A company from Newport Beach California who’s entire line of luxurious products are chalk full of benefits like 450 degree heat protection, full spectrum uva/uvb protection, anti aging properties, plant proteins and unsurpassed colour retention (a whopping 96%). In addition to being formulated entirely WITHOUT salt, sulphates, parabans, gluten, and 100% vegan and cruelty free what isn’t there to love aboutColorproof?


BioRepair-8 is their latest and greatest technology tackling the tough issue of women’s hair loss while still keeping in mind that we want to slay with gorgeous hues across the spectrum, bouncy curls and sleek styles.  BioRepair-8 is made up of a 3 step regime including a shampoo (with exfoliating brush), conditioner and scalp stimulating serum. Formulated with advanced ingredients such as biotin and copper peptides, apple and grape stem cells and alpha hydroxyl fruit acids your scalp will feel clean, exfoliated, nourished and ready for strong new growth.

Show this post in salon an receive 10% off your next bio-repair kit.

Show this post in salon an receive 10% off your next bio-repair kit.

Boasting the same active ingredient as Latisse and containing biotin means hair grows where you apply this product giving you the ultimate control. When using this system regularly you’ll start to notice results within 3-4 months and the best part; you don’t have to worry about your colour fading or your style falling because these products are all formulated with the same level of colour retention and heat protection and all the other amazing benefits that Colorproof stand behind.



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