Care + Conditioning

Hair extensions are wonderful. You can add length or beautiful streaks of different colours to give that highlighted look without the commitment of colouring your own hair. They can help blend a bad cut, or create that lovely, full, long ponytail you've always desired. With all the glorious and creative things extensions can do, can you return the favour to your long flowing locks? Proper care of extensions ensure they'll be around for at least 3 to 4 months if you follow these simple guidelines.


I wash my hair with professional shampoo and conditioner about 3 times a week. Be sure that you are completely rinsing out your conditioner to avoid the bonds slipping down the hair shaft. After installation it is best to wait two days before you wash - this allows the bonds to settle into the hair.


When brushing the hair, be sure to use a soft bristle boar brush or a tangle teezer and gently brush over top of the bonds to ensure no tangling occurs.

If you feel that bonds are sticking together GENTLY pull them apart so that your hair does not get the chance to mat up!

Please note: It is not recommended that you swim with your extensions, but if you do please, please remember to put your hair up in a high bun so your extensions do not become wet. I would like my clients to keep in mind that if your hair is dipping in chlorinated whirlpools and hot tubs then yes your hair and hair extensions can become damaged. This is because these chemicals that are added into pools are bleaching agents and they can even alter the color of your hair. I am only assuming this is not what you want!


Use a good (leave-in) conditioner to keep your hair soft. Don't over do it. Too much conditioner or any other hair care product can cause a build up and/or slippage. Try to avoid hair products that contain alcohol (this is basically anything bought at drug stores so please refrain from this). Alcohol makes your hair and your hair extensions become dry but a little hair spray that is salon purchased - because this contains low levels of alcohol - wont hurt. 

Heat protectant - I cannot stress enough, this is the product that is the most important. My favourite-is the Redken wet/dry Iron Shape to help control frizz and most importantly protect the hair for up to 450 degrees.


There are a lots of rumours about hair extensions and their different techniques. In response to some hairdressers who are sometimes sellers before real advisers, I would like to inform you that I vow to never suggest hair extensions if I believe your hair is not in suitable condition.


Myth. Your hair will continue to grow as usual.Hair extensions do not affect hair growth. When you remove your hair extension after 3 - 4 months you end up with the same hair before along with the new growth. Keep in mind, when it comes time for removal- yes there may be hair in the bond but it is the hair that your hair wanted to shed. The average woman sheds up to 50 - 100 strands per day!


Myth and fact. If you purchase hair extensions of excellent quality and the hairdresser knows what she is doing, you'll have no problem. The concern is that today very few hairdressers are working with good hair extensions, trust me when I say YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I only offer one quality of hair, this is premium virgin Indian temple hair.My supplier's company have been in business for over 20 years. They carefully select virgin hair from the finest Hindu Temples of Northern India, and the hair is only processed one time. 

Most hair extension brands strip their hair's cuticle with acid exposing the core of the hair or cortex. Their hair is then bleached, dyed, and dipped in silicone, for temporary silkiness & shine. The problem is, the silicone washes out days later, the hair looses its shine and begins to crack & tangle terribly. 

Many companies actually use animal hair from yak for inexpensive long hair. Then they take the coarse yak hair, strip off its rough cuticle with acid and stretch it with perm lotion for length. See the difference?


Myth. Certainly a bond can hold itself to the hair for that long, but when the bond is hanging so low, inches away from the scalp, it begins to show.This is hype that a company uses as a selling point as far as I'm concerned. It is long and open to tangles and dreads because loose hair can weave between the scalp and the bond.

After three to four months, I prefer to take them out, and if you think you can manage longer then you are at your own risk.