Hair extensions are wonderful

They can add length, or beautiful streaks of colour to give that highlighted look without the commitment of colouring your own hair. They can help blend a bad cut, or create that lovely, full, long ponytail you've always desired.


But extensions are not one-size fits all

There are so many terms, types of hair, and approaches, it can be overwhelming to figure everything out and decide what to buy.

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We’re your one-stop shop

Consult | Install | Colour | Cut

Most extension bars recommend that their clients to go to a hair-stylist first to get their colour done, then they do the install, and then you book another stylist appointment to have it cut. 

Getting hair extensions from Hair by Banks is different because we are stylists who will give you a comprehensive consult, install, colour and cut, all under one roof. We start with a consultation, discussing the look you want to achieve, the method we use, and use that information to put together a price. You’ll leave with a full plan for your new look, and the knowledge needed to take optimal care of your hair and new extensions.


What we offer

Clip Ins | Hair Halos | Hot Fusion | Tape Hair

We cannot properly quote any prices until your consult is completed. This is because all prices depend on length, colour, how much hair is needed for desired look.


Free initial consultation

Before booking an appointment, all new hair extension clients must set up an initial consultation.

This is to ensure proper colour match, technique, quote and deposit so hair can be ordered in. Ordering-in takes approximately 1-2 days.


We only use 100% human hair

Our hair extensions are all 100% human indian hair that is double drawn.

Double drawn hair is the highest quality, looking healthy, lasting longer, and looking like your own hair. As the name suggests, double drawn hair is drawn a second time to remove shorter hairs (by hand!) so that you are left with hair with a uniform length, and flowing in a single direction. This significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides a healthier, more full bodied appearance. You will pay more for double drawn hair, but the quality, volume and duration that the hair lasts you, will far exceed single drawn hair extensions.

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