Hair and Upkeep



I want to be white /silver blonde ASAP!

It’s best to pop in first for a quick free consult, that way we can confirm your hair is in good enough condition, then we can book you in! It could take 1-4 visits and a great stylist will always be honest about this. 


How often should I wash my hair?

Less often is better, but if you leave it too long it can lead to build up on your scalp and cause more issues than if you had just washed it more often. Anywhere from 2-4 times a week is what we would suggest! Hot product tip : ClearItUp Detox Shampoo (it is color safe and has added heat protectant).


How often should I use my purple shampoo?

If you prefer a more blonde, we recommend using your purple shampoo every other time. If you like your blonde a bit warmer, once a week will be more than enough. Product tip: Warmer blondes buy Goldwell Anti -brass, Ashy tones go for our Color Proof or our top seller “Blondage” by Redken.


What is the difference between “Balayage” & “Ombre”?

Balayage is a very subtle, blended way of applying highlights. It gives the appearance that the hair has been kissed by the sun- very natural. Ombre is a higher contrast version on balayage. There is lots of lightness through the ends and a minimal to moderate root shadow.


What is  the difference between professional products and the products at the drug store?

Store bought products are full of waxes and cheap fillers which can eventually build up on your hair and make it dry and damaged. Professional products are filled with all the good stuff with your hair, which actually makes the shampoo last for longer and makes your hair feel way better!


Is sulphate free shampoo better than regular shampoo?

Not all sulphates are bad for your hair! There are many different strains of sulphates (which just means “soaps”), and some are worse than others. For example, store bought shampoo has sulphates in them which are comparable to the sulphates in dish soap. Sulphate free shampoo is great for your hair, but most professional products with them are just as good!





Do extensions damage your hair?

Extensions do not cause damage to your hair, although there is always risk involved when installing extensions to your hair. You need to see a trained professional who knows how to install them properly, and who can guide you on how to maintain them. All of our extension specialists are extremely knowledgeable on how to install many different types of extensions, and will give you lots of advice on how to maintain them once you leave the salon.


What are the best type of extensions for fine hair?

Fusion extensions are the best extensions for fine hair because they mimic the natural texture of finer hair types. They are much lighter to wear than other extensions, and grow out the most naturally. The bonds are also very small so they don’t show under fine hair.


What types of products should I be using on my extensions?

As long as its professional, you can use whatever you already have at home! Pro Tip: using a heat protector on your extensions will help the hair last longer and stay healthier.


Can I wear my hair up with extensions?

Yes! As long as you’re careful and don’t make it too tight (it can put tension on the bonds which sometimes hurts a bit). Fusion extensions blend the best when putting your hair up with extensions, but tape-ins can be hid as well!


About the Salon



I’m not sure what to book, how do I know if I need a partial or full?

We offer 100% free of charge consultations in person or over the phone! If you’re confused on what to book, give us a call!


What hours are you open?

We are open 10-8 Tuesday-Friday and Saturdays from 9-4. Each stylist personal schedule varies between these hours, so if you were looking to book with a specific person- check out their portfolio!


What is your cancelation policy?

We require 48 hours notice or 50% of your service will be charged to your account.


If I can't get in with my regular stylist is it ok to book with another stylist at Hair by Banks?

Of course! At Hair by Banks we are all highly experienced and educated for 5-15 years a lot of us share clients. We just ask that all services are booked with same stylist.